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Wilbert offers multiple ways to personalize a burial vault or urn vault with words, symbols, and images that speak of a singular spirit. Your loved one had a unique personality. The selections you make for the visitation and service should communicate that singular spirit. These choices ensure your loved one's memory is remembered for generations to come.

Human Cremation Services and Products

Baxter Burial Vault Service offers human cremation services to local funeral homes in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. Many cremation choices are available to those who wish to be cremated including cremation urns, cremation urn vaults, jewelry, and cremation mementos.

In Ohio, crematories are licensed by the Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.  Ohio law has specific standards and procedures for conducting cremation. Crematories are inspected by the state regularly to ensure they are fully compliant. 

Baxter Burial Vault Service is a member of the Cremation Association of North America (CANA).

Wilbert Cremation Choices Video

Learn more about the cremation choices available to you and your loved ones through Wilbert.